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Powerful communication tools: Improve team communication: Group and private chats integrated with every module.
Drive conversation among workers at every level in your company. Get an overview of the issues that will be discussed. and receive new messages in the module’s news feed.

Collaboration tool, E13 Solution

Answer employee questions in real time: Create engagement for your visitors and provide real-time support to your employees.
Give answers through chat that are to the point and to employee groups.

Live Chat
Collaboration tool, E13 Solution

An informative and planning calendar will provide the companies to have an effective schedule management and planning to be done effectively in the various aspects of company operations. The E13 solution platform has allocated separate calendars module which allows the users to plan the activities, schedule meetings, task and operational aspects allowing the users manage monitor and control the company operations effectively with time efficiency and productivity.

Productivity, E13 Solution

The ToDo list module in E13 solution helps to schedule and listing out activities which should be done. You can create general ToDo activities, prioritize each activity, assign recurrence on activities, filtering activities based on the user.

ToDo List
Productivity, E13 Solution

Consulting WordPress Theme is the way to go for financial institutions. We take pride in being a transparent and perfection oriented organization.

Christian Marcil
Partner & Managing Director, Grandier Co.

Prior to joining Consulting WP, Bianca ran a project management software firm in the U.S. and worked in consulting and investment banking.

Bianca Hammound
Managing Director, Ericksson

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